What steps the government of Canada takes to improve cybersecurity

What steps the government of Canada takes to improve cybersecurity?

Canada, like any nation, faces many cyber threats or risks such as information leaks. It is not letting things get out of hand by anyway. Canadian Government is serious about this threat and intends to deal with it in a decisive manner. Justin Trudeau is a serving prime minister of Canada since 2015. He hopes to make Canada “unattractive to cyber-criminals and data hackers” by taking appropriate steps.

Increasing number of internet users in Canada

The estimation of a heavily networked and interconnected world shows that an average Canadian spends a good amount of time on the Internet. When we consider a total number of Internet users, India with 391 million users comes next only to China that has 746 million users. A number of Internet users in Canada rose from 15.75 million in 2000 to 32.12 million in 2016. Canadian adults spend 22.8 hours each week online.

The Government has initiated feedback from the public through online public consultations. This aims to improve an online integrity of users. Participants will provide an answer to 18 questions detailing methods by which Canada will be able to improve its cybersecurity. Canadian Security Establishment (CSE) takes care of maintaining safety in Canada.

An outlay for improved safety

Canadian Security Head, Scott Jones, details the steps his government took to keep the Internet attackers at bay. He was speaking at SecTor conference on security on October 2, 2018. It is growing difficult to tell apart “cyber-crime and nation-state attacks,” said Jones. New measures got introduced in the 2018 budget amounting to $500 million for 5 years. Renewal of existing Cyber Security Strategy is a key step towards maintaining this leadership that Canada has in this field.

Concepts involved in this strategy

The strategy will work towards three core concepts of Cyber Innovation, Security/Resilience, and Leadership/Collaboration. This will help develop knowledge or skill in the cyber field to enhance digital innovation. Canadians become prepared to tackle the evolving threats. All become aware of the methods to defend both private and government systems.

By increasing the costs it takes to attack the Canadian Government, it hopes to discourage hackers. They do this by making it difficult to scan services and software run by the government networks. Participation of the public was a key factor in improving security aspects. Key areas of action included steps for raising awareness by educating people and imparting training for law enforcement and cybersecurity professionals.