Popular cybersecurity companies of Canada

Popular cybersecurity companies of Canada

Canada ranks among one of the top Internet users with 32.12 million users in 2016. This represents an increase of 16 million over the 16-year period from 2000. With increasing Internet usage, we see an increase in cybercrime. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wants to deal with this matter in a strict manner. Side by side, there has been a growth of cybersecurity companies in Canada. Here is a look at this list.

1. Phirelight

Based in Ottawa, Canada, Phirelight came into existence in 2001. Military and cybersecurity experts for domestic users form it. It helps you by providing Cyber Threat Intelligence. Its client base has many large enterprises.

2. SecureKey

This is an identity and authentication service provider. SecureKey has come together with IBM to help build a digital identity network. You can access your identity and keep it safe.

3. BlackBerry

This service is based in Waterloo, Canada. It deals with mobile and data security. It provides a hyper connectivity EoT platform for BlackBerry users. The Enterprise of Things connects transportation with secure communication.

4. The Herjavec Group

Herjavec Group is a global winner of awards for cyber defense. It leads in the field of managed security services. You also get an incident response and identity features.

5. Graycon Group

Based in Calgary, Graycon Group provides safe solutions and IT support. It helps with the design, implementation, support, and security of all your infrastructure, networking, and cloud systems.

6. Arctic Wolf

Arctic Wolf provides SOC-as-a-service mostly for the financial institutions. Using its cloud security features, you can combat threats to your SaaS powered business.

7. Blue Cat

You get a secure DNS service with Blue Cat. It is based in Toronto, Canada. Enterprise DNS helps your network to reach full potential. You get full visibility into the network activities.

8. Absolute Software

It is based in Vancouver, Canada and provides users with endpoint visibility and control. It helps you with asset intelligence and endpoint hygiene. It validates controls at any point giving you continuous compliance.

9. Global Relay

This technology service company gives you SaaS supervision and compliance with instant messaging for highly specialized industries. It is a privately held company with no outside funding.

10. Duo Security

Duo Security is a user-centric zero trust system that gives users unified access and unified security. You can use it for all the devices and all applications.

Speaking at a conference, Scott Jones, the Canadian Security Head said that the nation-state attacks and cybercrime were more tangled than ever. The Canadian Government has planned $500 million for cybersecurity for the coming 5 years.