How Canada reduces the cybersecurity talent gap

How Canada reduces the cybersecurity talent gap?

We all are aware of the cybersecurity threat that the world is under these days. We are also aware that there is a 25-point gap in the cybersecurity talent. That is to substantiate the fact that there is a growth in the demand for such professionals of around 1.5 million. In Canada, this has been a case, which has brought all the industry heads to think of the ways to curb it.

How Canada is trying its best to fill in the talent gap?

  • Make it a part of the education curriculum: Right from the high school, students get to learn about cybersecurity and the methods to protect it. These are the measures having a long-standing. Even the colleges and universities are now focusing and training some of the best methods of identifying a breach and working on counter-attack systems and more.
  • Corporate training to up-skill: Companies in Canada have also realized the best way to increase the talent for cybersecurity by training the experts themselves. They are spending money on upskill programs for these experts. By doing this, the corporate houses are making sure that those employees can become experienced in handling any cyber threat at any time.
  • Train the existing workforce: If every company can train and provide incentives to their existing employees for training to be cybersecurity experts, it will also save a lot of time.

Canadian bosses are doing their best to join hands with universities to get the best talent in this field.

Why is the demand for cybersecurity so high?

There is a great demand for cybersecurity personnel in and around Canada. All the top entrepreneurs in Canada have a primary concern and that is to provide safety to their business. The firms are noting the fact that every year in Canada, there is a rise of 7% in the demand for cybersecurity talent force. It is a painfully big number and a major disparity that these companies are noticing is the lack of talent. This is a specialized field requiring talent and aptitude beyond any bookish knowledge.

Cybersecurity means going one step ahead of the terrorists and hackers and staying up to date with technological advancements. This is a field, which is in need of a vast number of specialists. Since most of the highly sensitive data that every business handles today are stored online, the companies do not wish to compromise it at any point. Things surely look up for Canada because of the country’s efforts and means at bridging this gap.