5 positive outcomes from the new cybersecurity strategy by Canada

5 positive outcomes from the new cybersecurity strategy by Canada

Having a high percentage of Internet users at 89.84%, Canada is at the forefront of cyber technology and development. Almost all the spheres of a person in Canada are touched by technology and the Internet. With this, another kind of growth also seems to raise – that of cybercrime. Canadian Government is firm on this issue. They will battle it to the ground and arm and equip every last user to fight this dastardly menace.

1. Improved safety for Canadians online and for all critical infrastructure of Canada

Due to huge outlay by the Government of Canada of $500 million over the next 5 years for cybersecurity, there is an increased safety for Canadians online. Hackers will be discouraged to attack critical systems by increasing the costs of accessing them. Government infrastructural systems will remain impossible to scan for an outsider.

2. Improved ease of use of cybersecurity for businesses

Businesses will be encouraged to use better security arrangements. This will lead to better economic prosperity in the coming years. By making the business community secure, Canada is ushering in new investments from the people who are now confident of growth and harmony. Moreover, the safety of transactions makes customers feel secure so they feel like shopping more.

3. Improved coordination across all sectors and regions in Canada

This cybersecurity blanket is spread across the whole of Canada. This helps coordinate all work regions and official infrastructure giving Canadians better access to facilities across Canada. This leads to better cybersecurity across all regions of Canada. By stopping intruders from accessing the system, you help to make the system smoother and faster.

4. Have a better response to new technologies and conditions

As per the statistics, organizations of the small and medium range were 71% of the data breach victims. Because of their inherent small size, they remain ill-equipped to deal with any kind of cyber breaches. To this end, these organizations will get tools and guidance from the Canadian Center for Cyber-Security. Due to the shortage of cybersecurity talent, action plans are underway to promote STEM and enhance R&D in all the related fields.

5. Better ability to protect freedom and rights online

Cybercrime costs Canada $3 billion a year, but this amount is expected to go up to $6 trillion by 2021. The improved outlay will help users have better access to the security systems to protect their rights online.

The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced his resolution to offer no chance for this menace to grow. He is to initiate steps to discourage hackers from attacking Canadians in any manner. It does look like Canada is going to become a nation truly immune from the cyber attacks.